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The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya is a registered trust (currently registered as the “Kenya Gay and Lesbian – KEGALE Trust”).  The coalition was established in May 2006 following the convening of regional LGBTI activists by Urgent Action Fund-Kenya (UAF-Kenya.)

GALCK acts as the national umbrella body of LGBTI organizations in Kenya working on various LGBTI rights, health and social welfare issues. GALCK works at the policy level and has been instrumental in the advocacy of human rights for the sexual and gender minorities as well as capacity building LGBTI organizations.

The vision of GALCK is a safe and enabling environment for LGBTI organizations and individuals in Kenya.

The mission of GALCK is to promote recognition, acceptance and defend the interests and rights of LGBTI organizations and their members.

Why We Exist: GALCK’s overall objectives

  1. To achieve legal reforms that decriminalize consensual adult same-sex activity, enact protective laws for LGBTI people including anti-discrimination laws and anti-hate-crime laws, provide LGBTI people in Kenya with rights to sexual, reproductive, mental health and other health services
  2. To eliminate ignorance and prejudice against LGBTI people with relevant information, education and communications
  3. To provide LGBTI people with safe and comfortable spaces and opportunities to socialize, to learn about themselves and each other, to express themselves in all manner of human endeavor, and to acquire the education, training and other support they need to establish themselves in their chosen careers and in businesses across all sectors of society.
  4. To ensure that LGBTI people have access to services tailored to their needs and that these include sexual and reproductive health services, other necessary health and social services, legal advice and assistance, and LGBTI-sensitive community policing (e.g., through LGBTI-police liaison committees that address matters such as gay-bashing and blackmail).
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