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AFRA Kenya

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Artists For Recognition and Acceptance (AFRA-Kenya) is an organization of lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women artists in Kenya.


Our aim is to provide a forum for LBT women to explore, discover, develop and showcase works that celebrate their diversity and uniqueness, highlighting the challenges in their lives and creating awareness through art (photography, film, theatre, dance, music, poetry) and all other forms of art to the streets to bring attention to the critical issues of our times.


While many countries are fighting over the issues of gay marriage rights, people who are gay in Kenya especially women have not yet gained the basic right to safely exist or even express themselves. Thus, AFRA-Kenya’s mission is to provide a platform for expression and engagement with the wider society through art and a safe haven for LBT women.

There is power in using multi-media to bring social change; this is what AFRA–Kenya is banking on to bring recognition and acceptance of LBT women.


AFRA-Kenya forum is created to:

  • Inspire, guide and challenge Kenyan LBT women who are seeking a deeper understanding of their sexuality and identity, of the community they live in, of their history and place in society and culture.

  • Inform LBT and other members of the public on sexuality and gender concerns and risks especially in matters health with main focus on HIV/Aids and reproductive health.

  • Advocate for the human rights and reproductive health rights of LBT women in Kenya.


AFRA-Kenya intends to:

  • Do a research on the existence of LBT’s in Kenya. Culturally and even legally, the stories and experiences of lesbian and bisexual women in Kenya have been particularly marginalized.
  • Creating and developing popular local media (magazines, radio and TV programmes,) with LBT content.

  • Provide a safe place for members to unwind through fun art activities.

  • A long term goal is create an art fund to support women artists who may be using their talent as a means of livelihood.

Contacts: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Tel: +254 20 242 6060

Cell: +254 738 550 095

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