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Transgender Education and Advocacy (T.E.A)

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Transgender Education and Advocacy (T.E.A) was founded in December, 2008 following an interest by Audrey Mbugua and Samantha King’ori to address the gross human rights violations and ignorance in the Kenyan community of facts concerning transsexualism.Transgender Education and Advocacy (T.E.A) is a non-governmental organization and research organization founded and operating under the auspice of Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK). T.E.A campaigns to extirpate the silence, ignorance, urban myths and legends, discrimination, denigration trans gender individuals have to contend with in Kenya. It aims to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all trans gender people in Kenya through research, educational forums, pressing for access to appropriate medical interventions, legislation and social change.


To create an appropriate environment for the well being of all transgender and intersex individuals in Kenya.


To promotes awareness and understanding of transsexualism and intersexuality.

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