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Gay Kenya Trust

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G-Kenya Trust (G-KT) is a human rights advocacy group for the LGBTI community in Kenya. We do this through publications, all emerging media and community education, utilising a social enterprise model.

Under the GALCK umbrella, G-Kenya will collaborate with other LGBTI organizations on legal reform and creating a human rights environment in Kenya where all LGBTI are recognized as full and equal members of Kenyan society.


The vision of G-Kenya Trust is to create an environment in which LGBTI persons in Kenya will not be discriminated on any grounds and especially not on the basis of their sexual orientation. G-Kenya will strive to be leaders in their advocacy service areas, establishing excellent relationships between all social stakeholders and LGBTI community.

G-Kenya will work for the establishment of a social order in which sexual orientation will not be a barrier to the enjoyment of all rights and freedoms that are due to us as human beings irrespective of our age, gender, religion, social class, race or tribe and other such extraneous grounds.

We shall strive to establish excellent working relationships with our funds providers, including donors, our members, and other LGBTI advocacy groups in Kenya. Where appropriate we shall have joint working programs in areas of mutual interest with LGBTI groups, other marginalised groups and human rights organisations in Kenya and abroad.

Core Values

  • Evidence-based advocacy
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of our group
  • Corporate social responsibility

G-Kenya’s ten priority Activities:

1. Website:- its operational but needs to be upgraded. This will be a continuous process and content updated constantly, possibly on weekly basis.

2. Activism and human rights advocacy for the LGBTI persons in Kenya.

3. Research & Publications, for evidence-based advocacy.

4. Documentation - in the form of movies/videos and documentaries - e.g., how does the society see homosexuality. The objective being to educate the society.

5. Drama and theatre activities - Stage plays for education and advocacy.

6. Focus on LGBTI “Ageing Needs.”

7. Social Responsibility - engaging in activities that the gay community in Kenya reaches out communities in need.

8. Carrying out LGBTI sensitivity trainings to various audiences.

9. Economic empowerment for members - Focus on building income and resources to empower LGBTI persons in Kenya.

10. Gay tourism as an income generating project by use of the website. This would call for building of partnerships with gay friendly travel agents and tourism practitioners on mutually beneficial arrangements.

Their strategic plan is available: Here

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