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Minority Women in Action (MWA)

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Minority Women in Action (MWA) was formed in 2006. This followed a conference; organized by the Urgent Action Fund in conjunction with other partners.

The aims of the Urgent Action conference were to bring together Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Inter-sex (LGBTI) individuals from East Africa to discuss different issues affecting them and to assess the level and progress of LGBTI organizations within the region.

During the conference, most women realized that despite the attendance of representatives from organizations aiming at fighting for the rights LBTI’s, women’s issues were highly ignored. This called for the formation of an organization that specifically caters for the needs and rights of LBTI’s.


MWA was established with the status and experiences of LBTI women in mind. The major reasons for its establishment were:

  1. To advocate for the rights of LBTI women in Kenya by engaging with national and international structures. Due to their sexual orientation, LBTI’s are discriminated against and deprived of basic rights and opportunities.

  2. To inform and educate LBTI’s on their human rights. Lack of information on the rights of minority women in the Kenyan constitution misleads them into assuming that they aren’t protected by the Law.

  3. To educate and empower LBTI women on their sexual health. Most health organizations in Kenya do not provide information which can benefit such groups. Their specific sexual health needs are neglected and ignored by sexual health organizations and campaigns. This misleads, misinforms and rubber-stamps myths in LBTI’s, making them ignorant of the health implications and effects of their lifestyles.

  4. To build capacity within the social and professional work of LBTI women. This empowers and enables them to self-build, learn new skills thus take control of their lives, livelihoods and those of other women who have similar sexual orientations.

  5. To build and strengthen the voice and visibility of LBTI’s. This is achieved by participating in researches, the media, literature and community building activities; organized by both local and international organizations and individuals. Ultimately, MWA aims at improving the society’s knowledge and appreciation of LBTI’s. This will, in turn, inform, clear up misconceptions about LBTI’s, their trends and rights thus treat them with the humanity deserved

For more information please contact MWA on:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.minoritywomeninaction.co.ke

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