Kenya Youth Development and Education Support Association [KYdesa] is a non-profit community-based organization founded in April 2009 and registered in 2012 as a Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community-based organization. The organisations was established as a result of MSM Posttest club during a community outreach engagement supported by LVCT Health in 2009.

KYDESA Vacancy Announcement

Q-Initiative Eldoret was founded in 2010 by Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual students from Moi University who wanted to create a safe space for queer youth to convene and discuss their issues.It was registered as a community-based organization in August 2011 and became a member organization of GALCK in August 2012. Q-Initiative has since grown beyond Moi University reach and now works with LGB youth from all over Eldoret and its environs.