Falling in love in the closet

10 Feb 2021

By: Mark Ninga, Social Media Intern, GALCK How is falling in love in the closet? It starts out as that one night you’re out with your friends, a few drinks then you happen to meet this friend you haven’t seen in a long while. You walk home together before you know it, it just happens.…

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HOME- The Queer Refugee Crisis.

24 Nov 2020

By David Kwoba, GALCK’s Communications Intern Due to the increasing enforcement of strict anti-LGBTQ laws in East African countries, there has been a surge in the number of queer refugees seeking asylum in Kenya. More than 750+ LGBT refugees in Kenya are forced to live in the shadows, and undergo inhumane treatment, pushed to the…

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Bi and Proud

02 Oct 2019

September is Bisexual Visibility month; a month set aside internationally to celebrate and bring about awareness to the Bisexual community in the LGBTQ+ movement. I have had the pleasure to talk to a number of individuals who identify as Bisexual and this has shown light on a lot of issues that they face as a…

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Understanding the Equal Rights Case

23 Feb 2018

Possibly, shortly before this article appears, a case will have been argued in the High Court about whether provisions in the Penal Code penalising homosexual activity are against the Constitution. Particularly when the topic arouses as much emotion as this one, you are more likely to read or hear denunciations and rhetoric than any coherent…

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LGBQ Rights Are Human Rights

24 Nov 2017

LGBT rights in Kenya are limited in comparison to other jurisdictions in the world. Under section 162, 163 a) & c) and 165 of the penal code, any sexual practices between males (termed “gross indecency”) are a felony and are punishable by 5 to 14 years imprisonment. In Kenya the state doesn’t recognize any relationships…

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African Feminist Crushes: Yvonne Oduor

27 Sep 2017

  Who is Yvee? (Where are you from? Where did you grow up? What do you miss the most about your childhood? What do you miss the least? A lesbian, Gender non-conforming feminist & human rights activist living in Nairobi, Kenya. I was born on the stairs of Pumwani maternity hospital; my mum insists on…

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I’m Homosexual & Catholic. Now What?

14 Jun 2017

I was in form three in a boys only boarding school when I started receiving anonymous love notes placed in my locker. The person would tell me how much he loved me and how he was so attracted to me. I was not very social then and I did not have many friends so it…

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The smartphone freed me’: a journey of dating as a transwoman

08 Jun 2017

It was a Saturday morning. I shut the door to my room on some pretext, went into the bathroom, and began reading out numbers on my phone screen. The number sequence was random, and I read each sequence out in different voices. First slower, pausing and extending the way I pronounced each digit. Next, breathier…

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Salutations of Love

17 May 2017

#LoveMakesAFamily They say in those books from which they draw their prejudice that to love others one must first love themselves, I shall take that action. To celebrate every person who possesses a deliberate boldness to live their truth, in all its color and pizzazz, all who stand against a culture pickled in traditional values…

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Love Makes A Family

17 May 2017

Dinner is awkwardly quiet. The tension looming over us is suffocating. Making up my mind, I clear my throat. Everyone is looking at me. “Growing up, I never realised I had two mothers until I was around 10. On that day, I had found my mothers kissing in the kitchen and honestly, I was deep…

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