We Should Treat those Different from Us as Human Beings

01 May 2017

My friend and I went to buy a dress for me. We met in town and after 20 minutes, we found a stall with dresses she liked. I tried on a couple of them and finally settled on a ‘girly’ one. Then the time came to agree on the price with the (male) shop attendant. I jokingly…

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I Was Never The Quiet One

27 Apr 2017

An interview with Gigi Louisa, LGBQ activist in Kenya “In Kenya , I always have to be careful. Because I’m attracted to women, because of the work I do and just because I am a woman. I can be attacked at any time, on the street or in my own house. Or I can be…

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Kenya Should Promote the Right to Health for Sexual Minorities

20 Apr 2017

Sexual minorities, including men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people, face high rates of HIV prevalence. However, many lack basic human rights protections and access to HIV services that would help reduce HIV infections and meet the 2006 commitment of member states to “ensure the full enjoyment of all human rights and…

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Why Silence Should Never An Option in A Hellish Society

23 Mar 2017

We live in strange and scary times. The president of the world’s most powerful nation is using Twitter to send out 140-character messages (full of spelling mistakes, I might add) to the world. Yes, Donald Trump, who has an army of communication and public relations experts at this disposal, is physically typing angry messages on…

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I Am More Than My Sexuality

02 Mar 2017

I was born and raised in Kenya. I am a teacher, a voter, your neighbour, a student, a doctor, a parent, a police officer, an entrepreneur, a friend, a lawyer a judge, a policy maker just to mention a few. I am a law abiding citizen and I always pay my taxes on time. I…

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Bring the LGBQ Conversation Out of the Closet

27 Jan 2017

Coming out and identifying yourself as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Queer is always a challenge no matter where you live because of the stigma and discrimination that one is bound to face for the rest of their lives. Diversity is a beautiful thing, and to make people feel excluded for something they have no control over…

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For gays and lesbians in Mombasa, coming out is a ticket to stigma and discrimination

22 Dec 2016

Family rejection, homelessness and imprisonment are some of the harsh realities facing Mombasa’s sexual and gender minorities. Although human rights organisations are fighting for their equal rights, stigmatisation and discrimination remain high. Eric, 18, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, said he came out as gay to himself and to his family…

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Fighting to Protect Human Rights in Kenya’s new Global Fund and PEPFAR Supported Key Population Size Estimate Study

05 Dec 2016

The criminalization of sex work, drug use and same-sex relationships among consenting adults undermines HIV service delivery.[1] In most countries, the legal environment works against access to delivery of effective services, such as harm reduction services and programs targeting sex workers and men having sex with men. Given these facts, we are deeply concerned that…

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Security is Our Human Right

28 Sep 2016

Recently, the queer community in Nairobi watched as an officer of the Government falsely accused a sex positive podcast for exhibiting indecent Lesbianism content. We responded firmly and factually ( In addition to his misinformation on the law, this public servant’s disregard for the impact of his words, actions and their consequences are intolerable. Even…

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The Accidental Feminist

12 Sep 2016

I have always been a feminist. I have not always known it. I was a “spirited child’’ in fact the exact words used by my brother were “problem child’’. Of course this tag hit hard. Of my father’s six children at the time I was the only one who was sent to boarding school at…

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