Call For Abstracts: 8th International Convention on Peer Education Sexuality & HIV/AIDS

The 8th International Convention on Peer Education, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS will take place on 13th to 15th June 2018. We are pleased to invite interested individuals, peer educators, HIV and AIDS Program Coordinators, Program Managers, experts, researchers, academic institutions, government officials, national and international organizations, community and faith-based organizations involved in HIV and AIDS responses to submit abstracts.

All abstracts must follow the abstract template and be submitted online. Submissions made after the deadline or in hard copy will not be considered for review.

Deadline for abstract submission: Wednesday, 28th February 2018.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

All abstracts should be in line with the 8th convention Tracks highlighted below. Details on the sub-tracks are available on

  • Track A: Individual-level process and outcomes towards 90:90:90
  • Track B: Family and peer-level processes and outcomes towards 90:90:90
  • Track C: Societal and structural-level process and outcomes towards 90:90:90
  • Track C: Whole market and crosscutting processes and outcomes 90:90:90

Abstract Format (For interventions and Research)

  1. Abstract title, abstract track and author’s details
  2. Introduction
  3. Background/problem statement and objectives
  4. Program description/methodology
  5. Lessons learnt/findings
  6. Recommendations/way forward

To submit an abstract, the following criteria must be met:

  • Abstract must be in English
  • The main body should not exceed 400 words and should not be more than one page
  • Abstract should be in the font Times New Roman, size 12; single line space
  • Tables and figures should not form part of the abstracts as they shall be presented at the convention.
  • Only abstracts submitted online (website or email) will be considered
  • Authors are responsible for proof reading and submitting their abstracts as they will be reproduced in the format they were submitted. Any errors, shall be the sole responsibility of the author.
  • Each abstract will have only one presenter.

Abstract Presentation Methods and Forums

Abstracts will be presented through one of the following approaches during the convention:

  1. Plenary sessions with guest speakers and experts in technical areas.
  2. Parallel sessions on different topics-delegates will have the option of attending sessions they consider most relevant to their programs.
  3. Moderated abstract presentation and discussions will be scheduled for 15 minutes per presentation (which includes 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.)
  4. Facilitated practical demonstrations on Evidence Based Interventions, Strategic Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) approaches- Demonstrations will take a maximum 30 minutes, followed by a facilitated discussion.
  5. Skills building workshops (1 hour 45 minutes) Poster presentation

For more information on abstracts submission and delegates’ registration, please contact Brenda Olumbe or Eve Dome of the Convention Secretariat at or visit our website: or call us on : +254 20 359 0229