Amkeni Malindi is an LGBTIQ organization Founded in 2009 as an MSM youth supporting group. The organisation was later registered as an LGBTIQ community-based organisation in February 2012. It's mission is to promote economic, social and psychological aspects of lives to the highest level of standard possible considering all promotion prototypes while initializing all available resources to improve lives of most at risk persons.

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The HIV & AIDS People's Alliance of Kenya was established in September 2011 after it emerged that a significant number of MSM/MSW living with HIV in the region were not adhering to treatment. It was from this that community members established a platform through which to demystify the myths related to HIV care and treatment and address other social cultural deterrents to access and adherence to treatment including stigma and discrimination.

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Persons Marginalized and Aggrieved (PEMA) Kenya was founded within a context of tragedy and the desire to restore human dignity in primordial state of vulnerability. A young gay man shunned and stigmatized by his family because of his sexual orientation, died in May 2008. It was from the coming together of the gay men to support one of their own that gave birth to the Brotherhood now PEMA Kenya.


Rainbow Women of Kenya is a community based organization comprising of lesbians, bisexual and transgender women. It was established in July 2012 to promote, access and equally exercise a fully comprehensive health rights package and fulfil the fundamental human rights of LBT women.


Tamba Pwani in Swahili means ‘on the move at the coast’. It was founded by  40 members/and for  Gay men, Bisexual men, Transgender men and Male Sex Workers within Kilifi County (from Mtwapa to Malindi) in November 2010, given the urgency to increase awareness about MSM community and their health needs, in the face of ignorance, stigma and discrimination and violence.

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Faced with harassment from the police, and the general community, limited access to LGBTI friendly health services security concerns like mob attacks, expulsion from home, school and neighbourhoods, violence and even continuous arrests of members by the police due to their perceived or real sexual orientation led to the formation of USAWA Kwa Wote Initiative (UKWELI) Mombasa.


Muamko Mpya is a Swahili pharse which means “a new dawn”. The organization is a membership organization located in Lamu county, North Coast of Kenya.

Muamko Mpya is a registered Community Based Organization under registration number CSD/HDM/LMU/C.B.O/VOL II/126 under the ministry of gender, culture and social services.

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