Chilling details of sodomy, torture at Maseno School

20 Apr 2017

Harrowing details of rampant cases of sexual molestation and bullying that led to the recent suspension of long-serving Maseno School Principal Paul Otula can be revealed today. A confidential report compiled by senior Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and Ministry of Education officials reveals that sexual molestation among students at the school had reached alarming levels,…

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The Untold Story of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Persons

16 Jan 2017

Coming out and identifying yourself as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or even as Transgender is always a challenge no matter where you live because of the stigma and discrimination that one is bound to face for the rest of their lives. Diversity is a beautiful thing, and to make people feel excluded for something they have…

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[VIDEO] Mombasa County Sex Workers and Homosexuals chant My Sex My Trade seeking recognition

17 Dec 2016

Mombasa commercial sex workers and homosexuals took to the streets demanding recognition. The commercial sex workers are protesting against harassment that they claim they are often subjected to by the police and county ‘askaris’ during the course of their work.  First published by Standard Media

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The Plight of Gays While Seeking Health Care Services in Kenya

16 Dec 2016

With the changing world, there is a demand vested upon people to respect rights and freedom of other people.Modernization has even given a voice to the voiceless.The people who never spoke freely like the gays and lesbians can fearlessly come out and demand their rights. Research has shown that gays, lesbians, bisexual, and the transgender…

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