Homosexuality: We are A Country Living in Constant Denial

04 Dec 2016

One of the strongest messages that we learnt from this year’s World Aids day is that whereas it is bad enough for one to die from the epidemic it is important none of us dies from ignorance. There has been a rallying call to action to all HIV stakeholders to unite and overcome injustices caused…

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The LGBQ have a right to access health care services free from stigma and discrimination

24 Nov 2016

According to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the LGBQ community in Kenya often faces discrimination and stigma when seeking medical health care services in public hospitals. Most health care providers in public hospitals are known for breaching their privacy and confidentiality by exposing the sexual orientation of their patients to other colleagues at…

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Gay men cause scene at Kilifi hospital after one of them stabbed his male lover over infidelity

31 Oct 2016

If you thought it’s only heterosexual men and women who fight in relationships over cheating, think again. A bunch of gay men caused an ugly scene, bringing activities at a community health facility in Mtwapa, Kilifi County to a standstill when they demanded to hold a night vigil at the hospital to guard one of…

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Why same sex marriages should be legalized in Kenya

27 Oct 2016

Homosexuality in Kenya is still considered a taboo and unacceptable to the cultural values and morality of Kenyans. Despite various organizations working to protect and improve LGBQ rights, same sex marriage is still not permitted in Kenya. Article 45(2) of the new Kenyan Constitution states that every adult has the right to marry a person…

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