It’s Rule of Law, Not Religion, That Protects Human Rights in Kenya

29 Sep 2016

Recently, the Ministry of Labour hosted the Africa Regional Conference on Families in Nairobi. The key partner in convening this event was the World Congress of Families (WCF), a conservative non-governmental organisation headquartered in Illinois, USA. The WCF is an arm of the US religious-right movement focused on exporting conservative, neo-colonialist agendas throughout the Global…

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Attorney General Githu Muigai Warns Court Against Gay Unions Via the Back Door

03 Sep 2016

Prof Githu, in his grounds of opposition filed before High Court Judge Isaac Lenaola, said declaring section 162 and 165 of Kenya’s penal law unconstitutional would amount to allowing same sex marriages and culture. In his two-page document addressing gays and lesbians rights activist Eric Gitari’s case, the AG said although the law of the…

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Mixed reactions to KFCB boss’ stance on branding Nini Wacera and Kaz’ show ‘Indecent’

31 Aug 2016

Kenya Film Classification boss Ezekiel Mutua has been savagely attacked by Kenyans online after he put up a post claiming “KFCB will take a firm action against the producers and distributors of the programme in line with the law.” The reason for this firm declaration is because, controversial personalities Nini Wacera and Kaz launched a…

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No One Chooses To Become Gay, It Depends On How One Was Created

27 Aug 2016

For reasons unknown, Kenyan media ignored the controversy generated by Mr Sebastian Coe, president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), who declared he would appeal the ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport which decided against testosterone monitoring of female athletes. The poster child for this controversy is South African runner Caster…

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