Secrets of the Nairobi Lesbian

30 Jul 2016

You should have seen how Joan’s face lit up when the discussion on same-sex parties started during the college break time hour. She sprung into life, her partner – also a girl – on her side. They have been dating for two years now. It is official; they are lesbians. “What is so new about…

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Does Ezekiel Mutua Have Authority To Ban Lesbian Parties?

29 Jul 2016

The Kenya Film Classification Board yesterday ‘banned’ a lesbian hook-up party scheduled for Saturday. KFCB’s vocal and controversial CEO Ezekiel Mutua posted the notice on his Facebook page. As the name suggests, KFCB’s primary job is to classify films, eg by rating them GE (general exhibition), PG (parental guidance recommended), 16 (not suitable for persons under…

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Petition to Fill Human Rights Protection Gap Affecting LGBQ Persons

02 Jul 2016

On Wednesday, June 8, five persons and three organisations, including the Gay and Lesbian Coalition in Kenya, filed a petition challenging Section 162 (a) and (c) and Section 165 of the Penal Code. These provisions criminalise ‘carnal knowledge against the order of nature’ and ‘gross indecency’ respectively and have been used in the past to…

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Anal Examination On Homosexuals Lawful, Judge Maintains

17 Jun 2016

Suspects can be forced to undergo examinations to determine if they have engaged in homosexuality which is a crime, a court has ruled. Justice Mathew Emukule of the High Court in Mombasa said some orifices should not be substituted with sexual organs. The judge was ruling in a petition by George Maina Njeri and Caleb…

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